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Tartu Child Centre


Tartu Support Centre for Abused Children. The Director of Tartu Child support centre is Dr Ruth Soonets who is also a paediatrician. .
Tartu Child Support Centre is renowned and has for several years been at the forefront in developing care and assistance to abused and exploited children. Tartu Child Support Centre is affiliated with ECPAT.
Target group/groups:
• Emotionally, physically, sexually abused and neglected children (<18 year),
• Delinquent children,
• Victims of domestic violence,
• Families at risk (young parents, pregnant, single mothers s.o.)

Services offered:
• Crisis intervention,
• Medical-social-psychological counselling ,
• Assessment for Treatment,
• Psychotherapy
• Individual therapy,
• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Gestalt therapy

Tartu Child Support Centre cooperates intensively with local child welfare authorities and with police and prosecutor with the aim of ensuring adequate services to children at risk of coming to harm.

Contact person:

Kaisa Kuiv
Tartu Child Support Centre
Kaunase pst. 11-2
Tartu EE-50704
Tel. +372 7484666
E-mail: ch.abuse@online.ee

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