Universidad de Valencia

The University of Valencia (official name Universitat de València) is one of the oldest and largest universities in Spain, having been founded in 1499 and currently having around 60,000 students.


It is located in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain and the 21st within the EU in terms of population. The city was founded by the Romans in 137 BC.


Today, the University of Valencia is an extraordinarily rich and complex organisation boasting a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes. It is the 3rd or 4th in the Spanish university research system, according to various rankings.


Gandia’s International Centre is the new name of Gandia’s International University. In cooperation with the town council, the centre represents an ongoing presence of Universitat de València in Gandia and has its roots in the former summer university, launched in 1984 as an international meeting point for ideas, knowledge, projects and research and as an avenue for the promotion and development of the area.


The University of Valencia intends to extend its academic offer to the very dynamic central region of Valencia, an area with more than half a million people.


Gandia’s International Centre will help unfold the huge potential of Universitat de València not only with regard to education but also in connection with the research applicable by the area’s entrepreneurial sectors. In addition, Gandia has top-quality tourist infrastructures which will certainly reinforce international links. Our institution’s culture-generation capacity finds in Gandia and its surroundings the necessary reception for raising the profile of the University in the Valencian society.


The Centre has developed different academic units such as the Academic Unit Rosario Alonso, set up in July 2009 with a view to paying tribute to the distinguished Professor of Social Work from the University of Valencia Dr. Alonso. Its aims are to delve into the research and action lines she developed (social policy, social intervention, community work) and to foster discussion among specialists and practitioners, thus becoming a permanent social and intellectual forum.

 Its director is Milagros Julve-Negro.

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